Do we have to buy a wedding album?

No, that is totally up to you and there is no pressure for you to buy any albums or prints.

Is the Wedding Video sold separately?

No this is an add on to your photography package and cannot be sold separately.

How many photos do we get back?

I don’t have a limit to how many photos I give back.  In saying that for a 9-10hr wedding you could get somewhere around the 700-1000 photos back all depending on your wedding day, weather and even how you are two are as a couple.

Do we have to buy an album before the wedding?

No you can purchase an album after the wedding.  Once you have your wedding photos you can contact me and we can start the album process when you’re ready.

Should we get ready in the same hotel?

Yes, if you are getting ready away from your homes and in say Brisbane city or the gold coast, then getting ready in the same hotel makes things a lot easier and saves us travel time which in turn means more photos time.  In saying that if you are getting ready in Airbnb’s then trying to get some that are close together again will save in travel time.